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Kratom is Legal in Florida

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Is Kratom Legal to Buy and Use in Florida?
Yes. Adults over 18 can buy or use Kratom in all Florida counties except Sarasota County. Smoke shops found selling Kratom in Sarasota County, FL may be subjected to fines or other legal issues. Most Kratom users living in Florida rely on reputable online Kratom vendors to purchase Kratom in personal or bulk amounts. Outside Sarasota County, you may be able to find one or two strains of Kratom for sale in smoke shops but will pay a higher price for Kratom powder or dried leaves than you would if you bought your Kratom online.

Why is Kratom Classified as an Herb?
The name given to the leaves of a southeast Asian tree called mitragyna speciosa is Kratom. Trees or plants that are seed-producing perennials, biennials or annuals that do not develop continual woody tissue at the completion of growing seasons are deemed herbs. The mitragyna speciosa tree is closed related to the coffee bean tree and grows to a height of 90 to 120 feet. Kratom is indigenous to multiple regions of SE Asia, especially Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Burma where the tropical climate makes for an ideal growing environment.

Rural SE Asian people commonly use Kratom as an  herb in stews, soups and casseroles. Kratom tea is still drank during ceremonies and rituals honoring the local gods and ancestors. A Dutch botanist introduced the Western world to Kratom several hundred years ago by importing it initially to the Netherlands. It's popularity as a versatile herb promoted its spread to other European countries and eventually, to the United States.

How Can You Buy Kratom in Florida?
Adults can buy Kratom either at a smoke shop operating in any county except Sarasota or they can purchase Kratom from a online vendor in the comfort of their own home. Online Kratom vendors make it easy for people to browse the many strains of Kratom, read their descriptions and order the amount they need using their debit or credit card. Kratom vendors who sell online have established business relationships with Kratom farmers in SE Asia.

Vendors know they are receiving the freshest, highest-grade Kratom available to Kratom wholesalers in the U.S. and can sell their products at cheaper prices than smoke shop owners. Within 24 to 72 hours of buying Kratom online, you can expect to receive your purchase in carefully wrapped packages designed to protect Kratom from external damage.

Kratom Florida Law Enforcement Supports

In March, 2016, the Botanical Legal Defense (BLD) congratulated members of the Florida State Legislature  who voted against classifying Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) as a Schedule II narcotic. If they had voted for criminalizing Kratom, Florida Kratom users would have been unable to purchase Kratom online or from herbal stores.

Although the BLD presented dozens of research studies investigating the health benefits and efficacy of Kratom to the Florida State Legislature, there were still several members of the House and Senate who wanted to advance SB1182 and HB73, which would eventually make it illegal to buy Kratom in Florida. Fortunately for Kratom users in Florida, these bills have failed to be passed for the second year in a row.

Why Kratom Continues to be Legal to Buy in Florida
In December,  2015, the FDLE ( Florida Department of Law Enforcement) published an investigative report discussing in-depth the effects of Kratom on consumer health. According to this seminal report: "review of available data presented by laboratory sources and identified law enforcement in Florida indicates that Kratom does not constitute a significant risk to the safety or welfare of Florida residents. The Florida Department of Health (DOH) reports no pervasive health issues attributed to the ingestion of Kratom products in Florida.”

However, Florida Kratom users should be made aware of a proposed bill change in Florida that would make "mitragynine and 7 hydroxymitragynine Schedule I controlled substances. These substances are “pharmacologically active constituents ”of the plant kratom (Mitragyna speciosa. The bill also makes it a first degree misdemeanor to possess, purchase, sell, deliver, manufacture, or bring into this state these substances. The bill takes effect on October 1, 2016"

Legislators also included information about the legality of Kratom use in other states. For example:

In Illinois, it is illegal to sell Kratom to anyone under 18.
In Indiana, Kratom is classified as a Schedule I drug.
In Louisiana, the distribution of Kratom products or any product containing mitragyna speciosa to minors is illegal.
In Tennessee, Kratom possession, use and sale is prohibited
In Vermont, 7-hydroxymitragynine, a Kratom alkaloid, is listed as a regulated drug.
In Wisconsin,mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine is listed as a Schedule I drug.
Kratom users may not have to worry about Florida criminalizing the use and sale of Kratom due to testimonies of many education and medical professors who support Kratom as a beneficial health supplement.  According to Alan Bloom, a professor of toxicology and pharmacology  and member of Wisconsin's Controlled Substance Board:  "no scientific basis exists for classifying Kratom and its alkaloids as a dangerous drug".  John Hopkins University professor of Behavioral Biology Dr. Jack Henningfield also confirmed that "Consuming Kratom does not interfere with social or work activities and is, in fact, is widely reported in Southeast Asia and the U.S. to promote quality of life, social relationships and work productivity". 


Is Kratom Illegal in Sarasota County, FL?
As the first local Florida government to introduce a ban on Kratom, Sarasota County considers Kratom similar to "designer drugs" such as Ecstasy and K2 (spice). Consequently, Sarasota County residents may be fined or even jailed if caught buying Kratom online or having Kratom in their possession. Deeming Kratom a designer drug is a classic misrepresentation of Kratom that is routinely used by the FDA and anti-Kratom state lawmakers to convince consumers that Kratom is harmful to their health. Sarasota County has even went as far as to ignore peer-reviewed research studies regarding the safety and efficacy of Kratom as a medicinal herb by stating that "Kratom is an herbal psychotropic stimulant and opioid substitute with no legitimate medical use”.

That is simply not true.

Buying Kratom Online Helps Keep Kratom Legal in Florida
As more people discover the wonderful physical and mental benefits of Kratom by consuming Kratom responsibly, their testimonies will help demonstrate to Florida lawmakers that Kratom offers legitimate health advantages not found in prescription medications. Reasons why Kratom use continues to grow in the U.S. involve the plant's ability to  of life they enjoy today.

The Kratom plant belongs to the coffee family of plants and has been consumed by southeast Asian people for centuries. In addition to its  properties, Kratom and its alkaloids exert antioxidant, Kratom is not a synthetic street drug nor does it have addictive properties.  In fact, coffee may be more habit-forming than Kratom, although more studies are needed to compare the two as plant-based substances.

How much longer Kratom remains legal to buy in Florida is anybody's guess. But for now, buying Kratom online in Florida is legal, except for Sarasota County where it is regulated.




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